Side Projects

Side Projects

Software Development
Sep 9, 2022
I’m always working on some kind of side project, whether it be for a presentation or just for fun! Why not go straight to the source! Checkout some of my side projects on Github:

Open Source

  • grommet - grommet is an open source UI framework that provides accessibility, modularity, responsiveness, and theming in a tidy package.
  • scalable-react - an open source community that I ran, focused on making the best react boilerplates (pre create-react-app).

Presentations & Workshops

  • a11ybay - A demo app for a workshop on Accessibility.

Fun Stuff

  • guitar-theory-dashboard - A side project to build a dashboard for learning music theory and how it relates to the guitar.
  • ryact - The best way to learn a framework? Build a clone! This is my simple, non feature-complete clone of React.js.

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